Delivering superior results sustainably


Environmental, Social and Governance considerations are an integral part of Growth Farms’ management and operating philosophy. We believe all acquisitions involve growing and protecting our client’s agricultural asset for the future and are committed to leaving the land in a better environmental condition than when we acquired it.

Examples of Growth Farms’ track record of responsible farmland investment and management include:

  • Establishing baseline soil carbon and emissions data to monitor the development of our natural capital and manage our footprint
  • Established native vegetation reserves and fenced off ~160km of riparian zones
  • Established >3,500ha perennial pastures to prevent soil acidity and salinity
  • Protection of our natural waterways and wetland preservation, re-establishing wildlife corridors and habitats for several rare and endangered species.


However the human element is just as important. As an agricultural investor, manager, and developer, we strive to provide rewarding careers and safe farming practices for all our staff. Growth Farms is also an active contributor to the local economies in which we operate by providing employment opportunities within the community, opportunities for contracting businesses, sourcing of inputs as well as involvement and support across a wide range of community organisations. 

Growth Farms is a signatory and supporter of:


Growth Farms operations are overseen by the board which is comprised of directors with diverse skills and experience spanning both agricultural and investment industries.

Richard Taylor

Non-executive director

Stephen Mitchell

Non-executive director

Warwick Johnson

Non-executive director

Stephen Roux

Non-executive director

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Copyright © Growth Farms Australia 2023.